Our association has been operating since 2007. We originally operated under the name Association of Polish-Serbian Friendship. In 2011 the focus shifted towards educational activities and cultural animation – we started organizing workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, summer educational and academic stays.

As for what we’re doing today – we are focusing all of our current activities at Osiedle Przyjaźń in Warsaw.

It’s a beautiful place with beautiful history! Not everyone knows, that the settlement called Osiedle Przyjaźń can be translated as Friendship Neighborhood or Neighborhood of Friendship. It sound sweet but this term used to refer to so called Polish-Soviet friendship and this is the reason why.It was built from scratch, in 1952, as a place where the builders of the Palace of Culture and Science were supposed to live. The workers spent here 3 years until the Palace was finished and opened. The whole place was designed as a self sufficient complex not just with residential buildings but also facilities such as pharmacy, a clinic, a kindergarten, a school, sport facilities, a cinema theatre and also a cultural club. Now after the workers left in the 1955 –the place was handed over to the universities – academics, students and administrative employees. So this was kind of a university campus with dormitories, canteens, shop and cultural club.

A lot of past tense up there. So what’s happening with Osiedle now? More info to come 🙂


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